All contributors must sign the Pariyatti Contributor Agreement (PCA). The PCA creates joint Copyright between the contributor and Pariyatti. If you would like to contribute to the Pariyatti mobile app, please email

Thank You

Thank you to Codemagic for providing excellent Flutter CI/CD services for our non-profit, open source mobile apps.
Thank you to AWS Nonprofit Credit Program for providing credits to power the infrastructure of the services used by our mobile apps.

Present contributors

Brihas SarathyProject Oversight2017-present
Nishant ChoudharyProduct Management2017-present
Steven DeobaldProject Management2019-present
Tanmay BalwaSite Reliability Engineering2022-present

Past contributors

Varun PaiDesign2020-2022
Naman ShergillDevelopment2020-2022
Varun BaradDevelopment2020-2021
Santu MahapatraResearch2019-2021
Hetvi JaniDevelopment2020-2020
Ishika JohariDevelopment2020-2020
Gaurav DhorajiyaDevelopment2020-2020
Maciej FalskiResearch2020-2020